Business with Beers

Building Passive Income for Freedom with Brian Luebben

April 04, 2022 Brian Beers Season 1 Episode 65
Business with Beers
Building Passive Income for Freedom with Brian Luebben
Show Notes

This week I’ve got Brian Luebben  on the show. Brian is an entrepreneur, real estate investor, a fellow podcast host. 

Brian shares his “typical” journey of going to college then off to a fortune 500 company. While he was making a good amount of money, he wanted more and not be a slave to the 9-5 lifestyle. 

Brian joined GoBundance, a mastermind group we’re both part of, which opened him to the world of creating passive income. We also have a great discussion around the power of your environment and the benefits that a group like GoBundance can provide. 

Brian is now on a mission to build up enough passive income through his podcast, affiliates & real estate to quit his day job and become free to travel the world. Brian also shares some great insights on how to change your mindset to think & start acting big.

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